“As objective as I want to be, I own my prejudice about Jacob Taggart’s new book. I love Biblical theology, the gospel of grace, the voice of creation, and the sport of fly fishing… a lot. As a tapestry of truth and grace, Jacob Taggart has woven all four together, in Theology from the Spring. Whether or not you ever pick up a fly rod, you will be greatly encouraged by this creative presentation of our calling to know and love, enjoy and serve Jesus.”

Dr. Scotty Ward Smith 

Pastor Emeritus, Christ Community Church, Franklin TN; Teacher in Residence, West End Community Church, Nashville, TN; Gospel Coalition Contributor

Theology from the Spring beckons to us to come and learn the wonders of God’s Word and world. Conversion does not kill curiosity; conversion stimulates the heart and mind, creating a sense of awe, and a desire to plumb the depths of this place. I see echoes of the musings of America’s theologian, Jonathan Edwards, in the observations of Jacob Taggart. Now more than ever we hear that faith and science are opposed, but we do not accept the terms. This book offers abundant evidence of the way that regeneration renews the mind and frees it to think after God. This, and not rebellious “inquiry” that denies divine design, is why God gave us the intellect. God’s special revelation teaches us the very mind of the ruler of the cosmos; God’s general revelation shows us that he is a many-splendored Lord, one who takes delight not only in making sinners brand new, but in forming the river-probing senses of the salmon.”

– Dr. Owen Strachan

Associate Professor of Christian Theology, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Author, Risky Gospel: Abandon Fear and Build Something Awesome, cpt.mbts.edu

“Weave together the fly fisher’s reverence for spring creeks, their immediacy with nature, their near awe at the habits and habitats of trout, and the One who created it all, and you have a good start at Jacob’s book. His theology is sound, and his stories of fly fishing revealing of the man, and his love of God and the out-of-doors. Even if you don’t fly fish, or don’t even fish at all, you will enjoy, and benefit, from this unique look at spring creeks as they reveal the truths of the Gospel.”

– Dr. Gary Borger

Best-selling fly fishing author; contributing editor for Fly Fisherman; consultant for the movie A River Runs Through It; Fly Fusion Magazine’s Top 7 most influential fly fisherman of the last fifty years. 

“After reading Theology from the Spring, you will never again look at water in the same way. More importantly, you will see water’s Creator in a refreshing new light. The One who called the seas into existence also poured Himself out for us by taking on humanity, thus offering us living water. Jacob Taggart has brought together his love of the outdoors, his fascination with science, and his love of Scripture in a way that helps us see the majesty of God revealed in the natural world.” 

– Rob Phillips

Strategic Leader for Apologetics, Missouri Baptist Convention

“There are some very important truths in life that every person, every Christian, should confront: order, unity and diversity, reality and perception, general and specific revelation.   These can be dry and dusty unless you discuss them in a common experienced area. This is what Jacob Taggart does in Theology from the Spring. He indeed gives reflections of the Creator cast in nature. As Plato perceived shadows in the cave, as Augustine perceived the bending of an oar in water, so Jacob takes the simple experience of fishing and applies it to the realities in life. A relevant and enjoyable read for otherwise stilted and academic subjects. An unlettered person in theology and philosophy can get a head start by reading Jacob’s blueprint.”

Tommy Nelson

Senior Pastor, Denton Bible Church